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Things to Do in Franklin, TN | The Harper Luxury Apartments

Things to Do in Franklin, TN

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Are you planning a trip to Franklin, TN, but don’t know how to pass the time in the city? The good news is there are a plethora of fun things to do in Franklin, TN. If you know where to look, you’ll see that this area south of Music City can charm you in more ways than one. From quaint little neighborhoods to historic streets, Franklin, TN has something for everybody. Here are some attractions to put on your itinerary.

Sample the Finest Whiskey Along the Tennessee Whiskey Trail

The Tennessee Whiskey Trail includes several key areas of Tennessee, such as Memphis and Nashville. The places are famous for their age-old distilleries, churning out the finest whiskey in the country and all over the world.

One of the places on the trail is Franklin, TN. Do you have your Tennessee Whiskey Trail Passport? It will get you into some of Franklin’s most historic and well-frequented distilleries. The Leiper's Fork Distillery and the H. Clark Distillery are just some of the destinations that will open your palate to the finest whiskey.

Get a Glimpse of the Civil War at the Carter House

The Civil War was one of the worst segments of American history. The Battle of Franklin was instrumental in putting an end to the bloodshed. If you want to get a glimpse of how intense the battle was, one place to visit is the Carter House.

With its artifacts and bullet holes, the Carter House will tell you a story of how a family hid in the basement during the war’s most violent moments. Its significance makes it worthy to be a Civil War museum and worthy of a place on your itinerary.

Wine and Dine Alfresco at the Arrington Vineyards

Indeed, much has been said of how great the whiskey is in Franklin. A trip to Arrington Vineyards will show you there’s more to Franklin than whiskey and moonshine.

Arrington Vineyards is one of Franklin’s most popular wine distillers. Offering the finest wine in the state, Arrington Vineyards is also an excellent place for a picnic. Whether you bring a basket or preorder one, you’re guaranteed a picnic experience that also treats you to a view of the hills.

Go for a Walk — a Walking Tour, That Is

Franklin is as progressive as a city as it is a historical one. Hence, the city abounds with museums, attractions, and structures that tell a tale of its colorful past. If you have a knack for history or just meandering, the Walking Tour is for you.

Franklin’s Walking Tours take you through the city. A knowledgeable guide accompanies you, providing interesting details about every spot you visit. So, grab your most comfortable pair of shoes and go on an educational and engaging stroll across Franklin.

There’s No Shortage of Cool Things to Do in Franklin, TN

The above-mentioned comprise just the tip of the iceberg. In truth, Franklin, TN, has a lot to offer every visitor it welcomes. Are you planning a trip to Franklin, TN? Book a trip and see what awaits you in this historical city.

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